Yonex ลูกขนไก่ ลูกแบตมินตัน Aerosensa 10 (AS-10) หลอดละ 12 ลูก

699 ฿

  • ทำจากขนเป็ดเกรด A
  • Flight: A
  • Durability(ความคงทน): B+
  • Consistency(ความสม่ำเสมอ): A
  • Quantity(จำนวน): 12 pcs
  • The Yonex Aerosensa 10 (AS-10) uses top grade Duck feathers to create a good durable and smooth flying shuttlecock.
  • This shuttlecock is so good and durable that it also used in local tournaments, club matches, and practice.
  • It is an excellent durable and quality shuttlecock for its price under the biggest badminton brand in the world.
  • Accurate distance stability
  • Built to deliver a lower frequency of replacement during play
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